big1008 ::  WDR Big Band :: Newton's Cradle (cp: Christina Fuchs)
Newton's Cradle (cp: Christina Fuchs)
WDR Big Band
Big1009 ::  Crime Jazz Orchestra :: Violent Cities
Violent Cities
Crime Jazz Orchestra
big1000 ::  WDR Big Band :: Very Personal 1
Very Personal 1
WDR Big Band

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  • Rotterdam, 1May 18th 2019 / Dear friends of Big Band music

    We announce 2 forthcoming albums:

    • a new Album by the WDR Big Band playing the music of Christina Fuchs will be released August 2019 on Big Band Records
    • Crime Jazz Orchestra - the crazy Mini-Big Band from Dresden/Berlin: forthcoming album "Violent Cities" (tba)

    More info on

    Jazz works !

Crime Jazz Orchestra
  • 01.09.2019 Uelzen (DE) Schlosswoche in Uelzen